Personalize Your Direct Mailers

Variable data printing combines contact information (stored in a database) with digital printing. How? The printing process PULLS individual customer information (name, address, etc.) from the database and CHANGES each label or sheet as it is printed. The changes per each printed piece could be anything from names to numbers – thus, giving you the unique ability to promote and connect with potential audiences in a more personalized manner.

Advantages of Variable Printing

  • Very Efficient for printing personalized print pieces
  • 84% of personalized envelopes are opened
  • Provides creative brand opportunities to stand out from competitors

Variable data printing techniques can produce large quantities of individually personalized marketing pieces in a very efficient manner.

Variable data printing is a highly-effective print marketing tool used successfully for many years. Even with the new online media, direct mail’s personalized targeting is still a valuable and affordable solution that gets better results for businesses. That’s what it’s all about: making more money.

Why Is Variable Data Printing So Effective?

Research by the Canadian Postal Service found that 84% of people will open an envelope that has their name on it. Sealed envelopes lend another level of “importance” to the contents within. This perspective dates back centuries ago when important letters, scrolls or parchments were sealed prior to delivery.

Consumers will also read the message if their name is printed on a flyer or post card.

84% of people open an envelope with their name on it.

What Is Variable Data Printing

Adding personal touches to your direct mailers can be the deciding factor that grabs and holds your customer’s attention. While replacing “Dear Customer” with “Dear Jason” makes a noticeable impression, imagine ways that you can incorporate additional customer data (last purchase, upcoming birthday) to achieve a more meaningful contact with your customers. Using your own customer database or renting direct mail lists can provide plenty of information about prospective customers.

Improve Your Direct Mail Effectiveness

A helpful design strategy is to place their name next to or near key messages or other important information you want them to notice.

You can also have their name printed as an image. Examples:

  • A Popcorn Retailer’s customer sees their name spelled out with popcorn kernels.
  • A Landscaper’s customer finds their name mowed into the lawn shown on the mailer.
  • A Vacation Resort’s customer sees their name drawn in beach sand.

The only requirements: creative imagination and a graphics designer with appropriate software tools to recreate envisioned letters. KKom’s got both.

Questions to Get Started

  • How do I acquire and mine data successfully?
  • What testing strategies do I use?
  • Which technology do I use?
  • How do I track and measure results?