Many people have skepticism and hesitation when it comes to lawyers, bankers, and advisers, especially after financial crisis of 2008. Bill Frey of Bellwether Funding has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry, but needed an effective way to present this online.


We worked with Bill to create a series of web videos that cover a variety of topics concerning lending and Bellwether Funding’s services. Instead of reading from a script, Bill speaks naturally to appear personable and convey confidence. Close-ups and soft backgrounds add to an inviting atmosphere that welcomes viewers.

The videos are short and concise, a necessity for the limited attention spans of an online audience. Gentle camera movements and multiple angles keep the videos lively for a topic often thought as boring.

Additional graphics, animation, and sound were added to match the atmosphere of the Bellwether website.


Bellwether Funding, LLC


Video production
Video editing