Advertising online has become one of the best ways to reach potential customers, and advertising on Google can be the best approach! When people are searching for the products and services your company offers, you can have your business listed right at the top where their search begins.

Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) makes those scenarios possible. K-Kom Marketing offers campaign setup and management through our Google Certified Online Marketing Specialist. This puts our services and abilities above many others and provides the best quality and performance our clients deserve.

Prior to implementing your keywords, ads and bids, we review your marketing goals and gather sufficient information about your business, customers and products or services. Armed with sufficient knowledge and research insights, we initiate your paid search campaign in the defined geographic areas you desire.

Because PPC programs require active monitoring, testing, and adjustments, we closely watch your Paid Search campaign to keep your most effective ads running in the ideal positions and to keep your PPC program within budget. Our SEO team will also keep you advised of periodic progress reports and discussions along the way.

If you’re looking to promote a new product or to test a new market or geographic location, paid search ads are a great online promotional tool. Just let us know and we’ll begin building your search campaign and ads to ensure plenty of pre-qualified click-throughs.

“Our company felt overwhelmed doing online advertising. We asked our web developers (at K-Kom Marketing) about an online ad program as another option for our e-commerce site. Their marketing staff walked us through their ideas and proposed a feasible budget, showing us how our ads would be targeted for very specific products. After listening to our needs, they put together a PPC Ad Campaign that not only let us turn the ads on or off to coordinate timing with our different specials, but also tracked successful purchases from these leads. Two months later, we could see how visitors who had clicked our ads had also increased our monthly sales – slightly more than 15%.”

Successful PPC during Holiday Season

Popcorn and popcorn gifts are searched most often during November and December throughout the United States. Therefore, Fireworks Popcorn only uses Google AdWords during the Thanksgiving and Christmas pre-holiday shopping period.

Because Fireworks Popcorn sells all natural gourmet popcorn kernels (unpopped popcorn), we targeted top search phrases for unpopped kernels and gourmet popcorn kernels. We also targeted healthy gift-giving ideas because of the relevance for family gift-giving and ready-to-buy Christmas shoppers.

According to Wayne Chrusciel, Fireworks Popcorn owner: “This past year (2010), we cut back on our Google AdWords PPC budget. K-Kom used a different strategy for PPC campaign that resulted in more sales and at a lower cost to us.”