Our Marketing Approach

After over 30 years of serving area businesses as a full-service marketing company, both market research and strategic goal-alignment remain at the heart of our market planning. Because our team invests the time necessary to identify your specific business goals and understand your customers’ most relevant needs, we continually deliver successful results for our clients.

Our mantra: “MAKE IT HAPPEN

Focusing on this theme, we get very creative as we design, develop and implement your marketing programs. When client budgets are less flexible (like during the recent economic fluctuations), that’s when our experience matters most. Our dedicated team of professionals creates dynamic marketing campaigns applying their skills, ideas and research to devise the most effective, efficient, and affordable solution for your unique marketing needs and budget.

Customized Marketing Solutions

For today’s marketers, one size does not fit all. Using various marketing elements, we can build a marketing outline that applies to your specific needs and/or efforts towards digital or traditional marketing.

Cost-Effective Marketing Programs

By using KKom Marketing for all of your marketing services, you can realize even more savings. We don’t like using the phrase “one stop shop” but KKom holds and produces many different marketing capabilities internally like:

  • Graphic Design
  • Production Printing
  • Technical Support
  • Paid Online Advertising
  • Traditional Marketing Materials
  • Website Development & Optimization
  • Audio & Video Production (Via our in-house production studio)

Using various marketing elements, we can tailor your marketing plan to work within your advertising budget. We have expertise in all facets of marketing, including social media and mobile marketing. When engaged with our proactive wealth of knowledge, your business receives a more robust marketing effort that keeps your brand flourishing.

Our Team

We are a full-service marketing firm. Our team of professionals have been helping businesses achieve their sales goals for over 3 decades. We deliver sound marketing expertise in all facets of marketing, from traditional (print, ads) to digital (web, social media).

Keeping current on technology, trends and how consumers respond best to marketing messages enables us to infuse a wealth of knowledge and best practices into the marketing efforts that will achieve your business goals.

Our Evolution

Years ago, we realized that in-house services saved time and money. To keep costs affordable and grow our own business, we evolved from a digital printing company into a full-service marketing agency. This spurred us into building a team of multi-talented professionals who could envision and accomplish the essential services needed by businesses throughout the Metro Milwaukee Area and surrounding regions. Now, our marketing and production teams successfully perform the following: